Blonde Bobmbshell

Published on 08/18/2020

We know her for being the most popular sex symbol of the ’50s and early ’60s. This American actress, singer, and model changed the attitudes towards sexuality. The world suffered and mourned her. Even now in 2020 the world still misses her. You may think that she had an easy life and the way already half done to arrive where she did. We all have heard rumors that Marilyn Monroe and former president J.F Kennedy had an affair… but there isn’t really evidence that this happened. The truth is, not a lot of people know about Marilyn Monroe’s terrible childhood, no one knows the number of obstacles she had to overcome to become someone and prevent her past from interfering with her future. Got your attention already? Keep reading to discover the deepest hidden secrets of her life.


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Blonde Bombshell

Marylin Monroe was born in Los Angeles in 1926. Her mother Gladys came from a very poor family and married a very abusive man older than her with whom she had three children. When Gladys files for divorce, Newton (ex-husband) won the custody of their two oldest children. Marylin did not know she had a sister until the age of 12. Marylin was sent to an evangelical foster care home until her mother bought a house that was shared with other people. Gladys had a mental breakdown and was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia. She was sent to a facility for the rest of her life. Marylin was only seven years old and thought her mother had died. She lived on that shared house for another 16 months where she was sexually abused. She became shy, withdrawn, and developed a stutter. Her mother’s friend, Grace decided to place her on an orphanage but became her legal guardian two years after and took her to her home. However, her stay there was very brief because she was molested again by Grace’s husband. Due to the job relocation of Doc (the husband), Monroe was forced to go to the orphanage, but in order to avoid this, he married her neighbor’s son. Her husband enlisted in the Merchant Marine and would be stationed on Santa Catalina Island for two years. Monroe went to live with his parents and started working at a factory where she was discovered by photograph David Conover. Defying her husband, she quit the factory and began modeling for David and his friends.  She then decided to dye her brunette hair blonde and straight it instead of leaving it curly. She was considered one of the most ambitious and hard-working models and was offered a contract to work as an actress, where the agency director decided to give her the stage name of Marylin Monroe. In 1946 she divorced her husband. She was determined to make her way as an actress, and so she dedicated years of her life to studying the film industry. She would soon become one of 20th Century-Fox’s and Hollywood’s biggest star. She died in 1962 and the cause of death was classified as  possible suicide.