Organize Your Daily Routine Better – 7 Ways To Gain More Time

Published on 03/15/2023

The day should have 45 hours! Does this wishful thinking sound familiar? We often don’t accomplish everything we set out to do. The reason is not the lack of time, but a lack of time management. How can you better organize your daily routine? Here are the top 7 tips.

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Organize Your Daily Routine Better – 7 Ways To Gain More Time

To Do Lists

Every day we face new challenges. You should create to-do lists so that you have everything at a glance. So you deal with your goals every day – the short-term and the long-term. That motivates!

Set Priorities

Set three priorities per day. Come what may, these three tasks will be completed. You’ll never miss anything really important again! All other to-dos are less relevant. Ask yourself: Which of the three priorities is the most difficult task? Do these first! The longer you put things off, the more difficult they become to implement. So get the biggest challenge of the day out of the way as quickly as possible.

No More Multitasking

We women in particular are proud of our multitasking skills. Telephoning, ironing and stirring the wooden spoon with the other hand. No problem! But firstly, this leads to stress and secondly, it doesn’t go any faster if we multitask. On the contrary: We then work less cleanly and need longer. You’ll actually be faster if you focus on just one thing and do it quickly from start to finish. Your nerves will thank you.

Create Routines

How can you better organize your daily routine? Always get things done at the same time. Routines make our lives easier. They allow us to work more organized and therefore faster. They also bring calm to your everyday life: you know what’s coming. Are you particularly productive in the morning? Then you are also the fastest during this time. Don’t put important work off until the afternoon.

Setting Deadlines

Some of us can get really lost in tasks. Hello perfectionists, we are talking about you! Unfortunately, most of the time we don’t have the luxury of devoting ourselves to just one thing a day. Many other to-dos are waiting to be ticked off. So make sure you don’t get too caught up on things. Set yourself deadlines. For anything that isn’t among your top priorities, you don’t have to desperately strive for perfection. Otherwise, what is really important will be neglected.

Declutter Your Life

If you want to organize your daily routine better, you should do one thing above all: clear out! Both the workplace and the apartment. In this way, you not only eliminate possible distractions, but also create more peace of mind through more order.

Plan Meals Ahead

Grocery shopping and cooking takes time. Especially if you want to live healthy. After all, you don’t want to aim for the delivery service every day as an emergency solution. How do you save time? Plan out the main meals for the week. Think about which snacks to put on the table. Then you know exactly what to buy at the supermarket. Then you won’t rush off every other day because something was forgotten.