The ‘Must-Try’ Dishes When Visiting The U.S.A.

Published on 08/29/2022

Maybe you’ve been to the States before, maybe not. Whatever the case, with a country of that size, there are naturally going to be significantly different answers to this question depending on who you ask. See, if you ask someone in a coastal area, such as San Francisco, it wouldn’t be a surprise to be recommended a seafood dish. Whereas if you were to ask a New Yorker, you might get quite the opposite. Nonetheless, we have taken the different lifestyles, cultures and areas within the U.S. into account and have compiled this list of ‘must-try’ dishes when visiting the States. From chowder to hamburger, brace yourself! These are the 7 foods you must consume when you go to the U.S.A.!

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The ‘Must-Try’ Dishes When Visiting The U.S.A.


1. Apple Pie

It’s no coincidence that the idiom “American as apple pie” refers to this delectable dish. Anyone who tries to convince you that pecan or key lime are superior is lying, so please ignore them. A dessert made from the straightforward ingredients of sugar, buttery pastry, and tart sliced apples is so extraordinary that individuals have spent their entire lives trying to perfect it. Try the apple pie at the Pie-O-Neer in Pie Town, New Mexico with extra green chiles for an especially outstanding illustration. The self-described “Pie Lady of Pie Town,” Kathy Knapp, will save you a slice.

2. The Hamburger

Every single American will have a different opinion on where to find the best hamburger in the nation, with options ranging from West Coast fast food (In-N-Out Burger) to New York fine dining (The Spotted Pig). However, the Library of Congress exclusively recognizes New Haven, Connecticut, as the birthplace of hamburgers. Louis Lassen, the proprietor of Louis’ Lunch, operated the business in the year 1900. Jeff Lassen, his great-grandson, now captains the ship, which continues to serve burgers made with a five-meat blend and cooked on a grill constructed of cast iron that is over a century old.

3. Clam Chowder

To visit Boston without sampling New England clam chowder is essentially against the law. The scented soup, which is lumpy and white and marketed everywhere, is disgusting to look at. But all it takes is one taste to fall in love. It was pure genius on the part of whoever thought to combine the quahog shellfish with soft potatoes, salty pork, heavy cream, and herbs. There are numerous ways to eat it, but if you really want to indulge, head to the Atlantic Fish Co. and order the bread bowl, in which the chefs slice a cavity in a fresh boule, add the wonderful juice, and then replace the top. food-grade dinnerware.

4. Bagel and Lox

It would be foolish to try to select just one type of cuisine to symbolize New York. A hot dog from Nathan’s? Katz’s pastrami, perhaps? poor coffee from a diner? We’ll honor the city’s sizable Jewish community by choosing bagels and lox, a weekend standard on many Manhattan tables. In an effort to determine why the New York bagel is the best of all, scientific experiments have been carried out; legend credits the water. Whatever the reason, travel to the Lower East Side’s Russ and Daughters and let them know you want a variety of smoked salmon, cream cheeses, and, if you’re feeling fancy, caviar. Check out

5. Deep-Dish Pizza

Pizza in Chicago has a distinct appearance and flavor. As the name implies, the dish is deep, which means the crust rises high and allows for a heart-stopping amount of cheese and tomato sauce. Naturally, they refer to it as a “pie”. It should only be attempted when wearing dark clothing or a big napkin since it is not for the faint of heart. Pair the pie with sweet soda for a particularly traditional supper. Considering that Uno Pizzeria claims to have created the Italian American fusion meal in 1943, you might want to do this there.

6. Drop Biscuits and Sausage Gravy

In America, a biscuit is essentially a flaky scone that is frequently baked with lard and buttermilk. In states like Montana, where residents expend their energies tending to horse ranches, breakfast often consists of biscuits slathered in a rich white gravy that is peppered with sausage chunks. You are definitely awakened in the morning by it. Try a musical rendition in Austin, Texas, where Biscuits and Groovy sells items with titles like “the Aretha Franklin” for a quirky twist (maple bacon, colby jack cheese).

7. Texas Barbecue

Australians might enjoy cooking on the barbecue on the weekends, but Texans depend entirely on the activity. It is not uncommon to go football games and discover folks having hauled whole ranges to the parking lots that are worth upwards of $5,000 or $10,000 – a hobby known as “tailgating.” Mesquite smoked meats and tenderizing rubs are frequent interests. Go to the Dallas Farmers Market, wait in line for a while, and then get a seat at Pecan Lodge for great brisket. The beef ribs, collard greens, pulled pork, and pork links are also delicious. pretty much everything.