5 Things We Have Already Learned From Cristiano Ronaldo’s Explosive Interview

Published on 11/17/2022

TalkTV has broadcast the first segment of Cristiano Ronaldo’s must-watch conversation with Piers Morgan. Since the highly contentious interview’s fragments were made public on Sunday night, Ronaldo has been very much in the spotlight. After criticizing current manager Erik ten Hag, the attacker is not expected to ever play for Manchester United again. Part two of the interview will air tomorrow (17/11), but here is a look at what we have learned from part one.

Cristiano Ronaldo (2)

5 Things We Have Already Learned From Cristiano Ronaldo’s Explosive Interview


Ronaldo Decision Is Egotistical

The decision of Cristiano Ronaldo to participate in this interview is both selfish and ill-advised. The fact that he chose Piers Morgan to convey his message speaks volumes in and of itself. Although this was Ronaldo’s decision, it seemed to play to his most egotistical tendencies. He craves more attention, therefore he jumped at the chance to get it during this interview. This was unmistakably a calculated move to hasten his departure from Manchester United in the upcoming transfer window. It also makes sure Cristiano Ronaldo will be the focus of headlines leading up to the World Cup in Qatar.

Ronaldo has nothing against Manchester United. He is attempting to assist in his head. But he’s now too immersed in his own world. The interview is conducted only for his benefit, with no thought given to his teammates who feel the full force of the fallout. Fortunately, the team will gain from Ronaldo’s departure.

Ronaldo Didn’t Do His Research

The main complaint Cristiano Ronaldo has about Manchester United is that the team has not advanced since he left in 2009. No one is reporting this as breaking news. It is well known that the team has regressed; the absence of trophies since 2017 and the club’s league title drought since 2013 are both examples. The Glazers and Ed Woodward had run United into the ground while having a succession of managers.

Ronaldo did not do his homework before re-signing because he turned around in this interview and expressed his dismay at the club’s plight. Ronaldo would have realized he was re-joining a team that is a shell of what it was during the Sir Alex Ferguson era if he had followed United in recent years.

Ronaldo Speaks Positively About Diogo Dalot

Young athletes in general, according to Cristiano Ronaldo, lack the focus he had at the beginning of his career. Defender Diogo Dalot, whom Ronaldo praised in the interview as “very, very professional,” is the one player he thinks is an exception and who he predicts will have a “fantastic career.” Before intensifying his praise and adoration for 22-year-old right-back Dalot, Ronaldo singled out Lisandro Martinez and Casemiro as essential to United’s future success. Ronaldo praising Dalot is not surprising because the two were frequently seen together in behind-the-scenes photos, but it was fantastic to hear the number 7 publicly endorsing his Portuguese teammate.

Ronaldo Didn’t Know Who Rangnick Was

Cristiano Ronaldo was unable to conceal his discontent at the selection of Ralf Rangnick as interim manager. United made the choice as a stopgap measure until appointing a permanent manager this summer. Simply put, Ronaldo didn’t believe it. When asked if he thought Rangnick understood what he was doing, Ronaldo simply said, “No.” He asserted that he was unaware of Rangnick, and the German has declined to address this. After firing Ole Gunnar Solskjaer in November, Ronaldo would have liked it if United had invested all of its resources in Antonio Conte or Zinedine Zidane.

It Is Remarkable How Sensitive Ronaldo Is To Criticism

Cristiano Ronaldo complained about the press criticism he endured during the season. He seemed visibly upset by it. Ronaldo’s human side is intriguing to observe, yet given his age and level of accomplishment, it is amazing how sensitive he is to criticism. This player has experience dealing with the English press and has excelled in high-pressure environments like Madrid as well as the rigorous scrutiny he faced in Italy. You start to wonder how he managed to get through it all and accomplish what he did. By this point, you would anticipate Ronaldo not to take it personally. He should be accustomed to tuning out the outside sounds, yet he still does.

Let’s see what else we can learn tonight in the final segment…