Beauty Standards Around The World

Published on 02/04/2020
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Beauty Standards Around The World

Obsessions with beauty are an international obsession but how we define these beauty standards is determined by each country. These definitions could not be more different, so take a look at what beauty means in places we’re familiar with and those across the borders.

Western Views

The western perception of beauty is one of the most unrealistic ones. With an emphasis on tall, busy, slender women, young girls around the world are killing themselves trying to meet this definition. It is no pressure at all when young girls feel like they need to have an itty bitty waist and a perky chest on top. While the trend has lately been more focused on creating a healthier body and lifestyle, there is still a desire to meet this standard and go to great lengths to do so.

Korean View

One of the most desired traits in Korean culture is the desire for soft porcelain skin. Around the world, the desire for Korean skincare is booming, with women wishing to achieve the perfect complexion. Maintaining the perfect pale complexion is an accomplishment all women desire in Korea since the view is that tanned skin means belonging to a lower class.

Indian View

The standards of beauty in India have taken a shift towards western ideals, now focusing on women to lighten their skin and slim down their waist. What they idealize is the thick, shiny hair. Many Indian women massage coconut oil into their scalp that will rejuvenate broken hair.

New Zealand

In New Zealand women go beyond normal standards for their beauty routine. In this area, one of the biggest indicators of beauty is having a tattoo on your face. The bigger that tattoo the more beautiful, and women with tattoos on their chins and lips are the most striking.

South America

In South America, there is an emphasis on curvy bottoms and thicker, muscular legs with large hips. The whole concept here is the bottom, and women have even gone to such lengths where they get surgery to achieve this look! It is no secret that Latina women are incredibly sexy and confident!