3 Things To Do With Avocados Besides Make Guacamole

Published on 08/03/2019

That unintentional, yet super exciting, moment of seeing an avocado rolling around in your fridge comes with one and only one thought…. Mexican fiesta night anyone? An avocado is filled with countless healthy and beneficial nutrients that does very good things to the body. From improving digestion to strengthening your eye sight to making your hair silky smooth, avocados are truly a brilliant addition to not only your diet but to your beauty regimen as well. So when using and/or eating avocados, do it beautifully. Here’s how!

Repair Damaged & Dry Hair:

All you need are three (basic) ingredients: 1 avocado + olive oil + 1 egg. Now grab a bowl, add ingredients into the bowl, stir together, and lather the mixture right onto your hair. The blend may seem a little sticky but that’s normal. And trust us, you won’t mind the stickiness after you see/feel your new silky, smooth, hydrated, and luscious locks of hair.

Your Hair Will Look Nicer Than Ever

Repair Damaged & Dry Hair.

Skin Moisturizer:

When your hair is beautiful/shiny/soft, your skin should also be beautiful/shiny/soft. An avocados natural oils can help soften and hydrate dry flaky skin. How? Simply take an avocado and spread it all over your body, ensuring those dry patches are completely covered, wait 10-15 minutes, shower in lukewarm water, and pat yourself dry. And vuela, enjoy your radiant “baby bottom” soft skin!

Your Skin Will Be Healthier For A Longer Period Of Time

Skin Moisturizer

Strengthen Eye Sight:

Thanks to avocados, that 20/20 vision you’ve always dreamed of is more attainable then you think! Getting the proper amount of Leutein and Zeaxanthin is essential for our health, specifically for our eyes, as Leutein and Zeaxanthin is one of the leading causes of blindness in America. Eating an avocado is not only delicious but it’ll help keep your eyes healthy and strong.

Strengthens Eye Sight

Strengthens Eye Sight