Get Summer-Body Ready With These Sure-Fire Tips

Published on 12/19/2019
Get Summer Ready With These Sure Fire Tips

Get Summer Ready With These Sure Fire Tips

We know we just celebrated New Year’s Eve, and winter is the perfect time to wrap up in layers and spend your weekends binging around with comfort food. Still, spring is just around the corner and before long it will be swimsuit season. And while we can’t wait to basque around on a sun-drenched beach with a cocktail, we always somehow forget to diet until two weeks before our summer vacation. So this is the perfect time to revamp your diet with some small changes, and give your body a pre-beach-body reboot.

Stay Focused

Stay on track of your fitness goals by making a few small and realistic goals now. Whether you want to try a new exercise class, or incorporate some more healthy meals to your diet, this is the time to make your plan.

Get Moving

Although we would love to have a quick-fix way to a summer body, there is no miracle cure. Some fitness experts do recommend adding some weight training into your fitness regimen to boost your metabolism. Expert Genevieve Brock believes some of the most effective body weight exercises include  “Squats, push-ups, lunges, sit-ups, triceps, dips and planks.”

Diet Right

Now is the perfect time to start eating right for your swimsuit insta-pictures. A top Dietitian Susie Burrell recommends,“Vegetables, salad, lean protein and nutritious filling snacks have to be the focus – no matter what extras or special events come up.”

Kitchen Prep

Another key boost to your summer wasitline is to take control of your diet now by preparing more food at home rather than eating in restaurants or binging on fast food. So it’s a good idea to start prepping more of your own lunches at dinner now.

Fluid Fanatics

While it’s tempting to drink away our calories all the year through, with a cocktail of soft drinks, bottled juices, milky coffees and alcohol, experts still recommend that we try to stay hydrated with as much magical H2O as possible, even as much as 2 litres of water a day.

See you all on the beach!