Pineapple Is Nature’s Golden Fruit, It Should Be Yours Too

Published on 12/20/2019
Pineapple Is Natures Golden Fruit It Should Be Yours Too

Pineapple Is Natures Golden Fruit It Should Be Yours Too

Pineapples have earned themselves a spot at the top of the tropical food chain, in a manner of speaking. It is gorgeous, incredibly healthy, super sweet and the epitome of paradise! While watermelon, papaya and coconuts have all set up camp in the “Vacation Fruit Hall of Fame”, pineapple is still the reigning champion. Now now, enough of this grovelling at the prickly feet of the pineapple. Let’s explore why pineapples should be a part of your diet.

For Them Eyes

According to medical experts, your eyes can really benefit from eating pineapple. As people get older, they become more susceptible to certain diseases, and macular degeneration is one of them. A fair serving of pineapple on a regular basis can slow down and even prevent this degeneration from occurring. Let’s hear it for pineapple, people!

For Your Tum-Tum

Not many delicious foods do wonders for our tummies. However, pineapple serves some excellent benefits for our digestive systems (and our taste buds, of course). Pineapples pack in copious amounts of dietary fiber which helps you, you know, go. They also help break down proteins which means that it’s easier for you then to, um, you know, go.

For Inflammation

Everyone knows that a person’s true self is usually hidden deep in their core. Well pineapples aren’t people, but they are similar in this specific way. Since their core contains high amounts of bromelain, for centuries healers have extracted this enzyme in order to fight a collection of ailments. Inflammation just happens to be one of the many problems pineapples can fight.

For Blood Clots

Researchers have found that pineapples’ secret weapon – bromelain – can reduce the risk of blood clotting. I’m not sure if you’ve noticed, but because of this, many frequent fliers actually bring this fruit along for a snack on long flights. Now that’s a perfect partner for a long journey.

For Your Immune System

Have I mentioned how beneficial pineapple is for your health? One of the most important benefits this fruit can offer you is the strengthening and protection of your immune system. Since it is brimming with vitamin C, it is one of the most effective virus-fighting foods out there. So what do you all think? Pineapple for the win? I say yes!