7 Morning Habits That Will Turn You Into Your Own Superman

Published on 12/13/2019
7 Morning Habits That Will Turn You Into Your Own Superman

7 Morning Habits That Will Turn You Into Your Own Superman

What would it be like to be your own Superman? I’m not talking about running to the bathroom at lightning speed to slip into something a little comfier… no. Think about feeling powerful… dare I even say, invincible? Try out these 7 life-changing morning habits for one week and prepare for some krypronite-killing results!

Wake Up Early

When that alarm clock rings, get out of bed! No excuses. No snoozing. Just those footsies of yours falling right onto the floor. Do you ever find yourself complaining that there aren’t enough hours in the day? BAM! Issue resolved.

Make Your Bed

You can give yourself a pat on the back, we all know that getting out of bed was the hardest part of the entire day. Now that your sheets are laying there like a sulking bulk of sleep-deprived teenagers, do yourself a favor and make your bed. There are two great benefits to this. The first is that you will have accomplished one task for the day already, woohoo. The second is that you’ll have a neat bed to come home to at the end of the day. Score!

Do Some Exercise

Now that your feet have hit the floor, why not drop down and let your hands join them? Sure, it’s not mandatory to do a set of push-ups, but you should do some sort of exercise. Even if you choose to do so for no longer than fifteen minutes, you’ll be building strong and healthy habits. This will also give you an energetic start to your day!

Take A Shower

A nice hot shower? Why not? You deserve it! Have yourself a quick shower and get cleaned up before heading out the door. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself singing some catchy tune while you wash, after all exercise does release positive endorphins, you know. Now that you smell fresher than a florist at opening time, you’re good to…

Eat Breakfast

Every superhero needs to eat, and seeing as it’s the morning, breakfast is on the menu. While I’d like to tell you that breakfast is “the most important meal of the day,” I’m sure you had a mom too. Instead I’ll tell you that eating in the morning will reduce your appetite throughout the day, as well as give you yet another energy boost!

Set Goals

What would Superman be without goals? Saving a woman from a drowning car might not be on your daily priority list (although that would be cool), but you should think about the things you’d like to achieve, and then write them down. You’ll be surprised how much more effective you are when you know exactly what you want to get done.

Set An Alarm Clock

“But I just woke up!” I know, but this alarm clock is pretty different from your regular morning ringer. You should set a night alarm clock. “What’s that?” Well, I’m glad you asked. Many of us head to bed later than we should, and the reason for doing so is usually quite ridiculous. Whether we burn the midnight oil scrolling through Facebook, or watching infomercials about multi-bladed spaghetti cutters, we all know that we could be catching some much needed zee’s! So set yourself an alarm clock for a time you know you need to be in bed by.

Rinse And Repeat

Congratulations! You’ve achieved one day of 7 Superman morning habits. Do you think you could do it tomorrow again, and then again for the rest of the week? You sure can, but first you just need to set your alarm clock… twice.