Intermittent Fasting- A New Way Of Life

Published on 07/12/2020

Intermittent fasting is taking the health world and fitness world by storm. With individuals seeing crazy results, we had to find out just how and why this works. Originally we thought this new lifestyle was simply one of those diet fads that was about calorie deficits, but we have since realized it is not quite about that. Intermittent fasting is a method used by all, body-builders, weight-loss enthusiasts, and those simply trying to change their lifestyle into a healthier one. The lifestyle method works as follows: one fasts for more hours than they eat, the most common being 16 hours fasting and 8 hours eating. You arrange your hours in the method that best suits you. It is recommended usually to eat 2 meals and a snack. The method boasts a change that has made doers feel revived, energized, and fresh. This is or of the many reasons it has become popular, not even for the die purposes of it. Here are a few benefits and explanations on what the diet actually does.

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Intermittent Fasting- A New Way Of Life

Alters The Function Of Cells, Genes, And Hormones

There are a few things in the body that change. The first being your insulin levels which drop drastically and aid in the fat-burning process. Human growth hormone also increases and performs the same function of fat burning, muscle gain, and a multitude of additional actions. With regards to cells, the fasting causes cellular repair to boost, this removes waste and dead materials from cells. There are also changes in genes which leads to increased protection and defense against many diseases.

Cut The Fat And Belly Fat

Many opt for the intermittent fasting route in order to lose weight. Yes, it will make you eat fewer and fewer meals but this is not the magic behind the method.  The reduction of insulin levels and an increase in human growth hormone also assist in the fat-burning process. Additionally, norepinephrine increases which not only cuts fat but also boosts energy. Many who intermittent fats report feeling energized and awakened once in the routine. The plan increases your metabolic rate and does not cause you to lose as much muscle as you would when simply abiding a calorie deficit diet.

Reduces Inflammation

Inflammation and oxidative stress are main factors that cause aging and other illnesses/ diseases that affect you for the long run. How does this happen? basically, it is rather complicated but due to molecules in the body known as free radicals that break and damage good molecules in the body. Intermittent fasti9ng has been shown to fight inflammation and that is why it prevents chronic disease. Inflammation is a bodily immune response and occurs in everyone, there are certain foods that reduce inflammation and just as intermittent fasting does it is suggested to reduce this due to the free radical aspect.

Overall, the intermittent fasting method is highly recommended for weight loss,  muscle gain, and the benefits that come along with it such as chronic illness prevention and inflammatory reduction. The method will leave you energized and become a way of life in no time. Just to clarify whilst fasting one can drink water, tea, and black coffee.