Quick And Easy Homemade Pizza Toast

Published on 12/14/2019
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Quick And Easy Homemade Pizza Toast

When it comes to comfort foods, they tend to run high in calories or be complicated to make at home. So, to simplify things, we turn to quick and easy recipes or ready-made foods. Especially in the cold winter months when we need warm and filling foods to keep us going. One of the most popular comfort foods out there is, of course, pizza. Now, you can always order in a pizza and be done with it, but if you want to put in just a bit of effort and personalize it a little to give it a homemade flavor, we’ve got the perfect recipe for you. Pizza toast. It’s simple, quick, and of course, easy to make. With a wide variety of toppings to choose from as well as the type of bread you’d like to use, this recipe has endless possibilities.

What Is It?

Pizza toast is just that – toast that is topped off with pizza sauce, cheese, and anything else you would want to put on a pizza. You can make different kinds of sauces, use any kind of cheese and so on. It’s a very versatile food and can easily be changed to fit your taste.

How Can I Make It?

This is the fun part. All you need to do is get any bread you’d like, a tomato sauce, and any kind of cheese you want to top it off with. Of course, toppings are welcome as well. You can put on mushrooms, olives, corn, peppers, tomatoes, and much more. It all depends on what you like.
All you’ll need is the sliced bread of your choice, tomato sauce, spices (including salt and pepper to taste), and cheese as the base of the recipe. You can add any toppings and herbs to customize it and make it the way you like it.


  • Lightly toast the bread slices.
  • Spray a baking tray with some oil.
  • Put in slices of bread.
  • Spread tomato sauce on the slices.
  • Top with cheese and spices.
  • Add toppings.
  • Bake in 200 degrees until the cheese has melted and the toast is golden brown and crisp.
  • Serve and enjoy!

Another great point about this recipe is how much healthier it is than the pizza you would order in! You can use whole wheat bread and fresh veggies to have a healthy pizza and still eat delicious comfort food. Who said comfort food can’t be healthy?