Scrumptious Banana Protein Pancakes

Published on 02/13/2020

This healthy take on pancakes will have you running back for more. Not only are they incredibly healthy but they make us feel warm and cozy inside too. These scrumptious pancakes are so easy to make and are protein-packed, perfect for an after-workout meal too.

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Scrumptious Banana Protein Pancakes


1 Banana

1/2 Cup of oats

1 Egg

3/4 Cup of milk (any kind)

1 Scoop of protein powder (preferably low-carb)

2 teaspoons of honey



The secret to getting these pancakes fluffy and cooked through is all in the oats. Blend the oats into a powdery texture, or simply use oat-flour but this is a great way to make your own oat flour. Mash your banana as much as possible, however, keeping a bit of the chunkiness adds great texture and flavor to your pancakes. Simply add all the ingredients together and mix thoroughly- order makes no difference in this aspect, do not blend the mixture as if to thin they will not rise fluffily. Add some coconut oil or olive oil to a pan and leave on heat. Using a tablespoon add drops of batter to the pan which will formulate in a circular shape. Voila, easy as can be. When necessary flip the pancakes until golden brown. There you have it scrumptious healthy pancakes in a heart-beat.

Pro-tip: adding some cinnamon can add depth and warming flavor to these already hearty pancakes.

If you have the calories to spare and want to make these delicious pancakes even more interesting feel free to add a tablespoon of peanut butter, a few chocolate chips or even some blueberries. These can add a little surprise to the pancakes and are just as delicious. This recipe can make anywhere between 8-10 pancakes which is more than enough for two people. It must be noted that these can also be made with extra egg and no protein powder if need-be and if preferred.