Facts About Your Eyes That Will STUN You

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Your eyes are literally the lenses through which you view the world. They are one of your most important senses and still we take them for granted. Whether you have perfect 20/20 vision or you require the assistance of glasses, your eyes are one of the greatest biological marvels in the world. Listed below you’ll find amazing facts about your eyes that will absolutely stun you.

Your eye is the fastest muscle in your body.

You’ll hear athletes talk about training their twitch muscles in order to get their reaction time up but nothing reacts faster than the human eye. You can have the best diet programs in the world, but you’ll never react quicker than the fastest muscle on your body — your eyes. The speed of your eye plays such an important role in life and, in particularly, sports that require hand-eye coordination — like baseball. In the ‘blink of an eye’ indeed.

Your Eye Is The Fastest Muscle In Your Body.1

Your Eye Is The Fastest Muscle In Your Body.

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